Claude Grondin | Ontario
50 photos

Symmetrical composition featuring a beautiful sunset over Lake SuperiorBeautiful sunset over Lake SuperiorDramatic sunrise resembling a forest fireOrange sky at twilight with a lifeguard station in the foregroundRising above lake Ontario, the sun is framed by icicles on a fenceThe mist rises above a river before the sunriseThe sun rays burst in all directions behind a large pine treeThe sun rises behind a leafless tree as clouds appear to replace its leavesTwo leafless trees at dawn with a big orange and blue colored skyCanoe with purple sky before sunriseSailiboat and ducks at dawnTall spruces on a cliff at sunsetRiver entering a secluded bay at sunriseCanoe lit by the early morning golden lightCanoe dramatically lit by a ray of sun on a misty morningSunset with pine trees silhouettes over O.S.A. lakePine tree leans over a cedar at twilightTwo canoes side by side at sunriseCanoe on lakeshore at dawnA canoe with a paddle on a quiet lake at autumn